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Vacation is here. My engines are quietly slowing down and will be silent during August. Before leaving, I send you the shortest newsletter email that I have ever written, inspired by the feedback I recently received from you: to share with you small exercices with life changing potential.

So, here it is my invitation to you, to apply for the rest of August. Only 27 days left, and the countdown starts right now.

  • Select 3 persons with whom you want to improve the relationship: home, office, neighbours, beer mates, other book club members, in-laws, kids, it does not matter. Choose ones you feel comfortable continuing this little experiment.
  • Make every day one act of kindness towards each of them. It should not be huge, just simple things you will find comfortable doing.
  • Repeat every day!
  • Optional (and highly recommended): Write down your observations on: How do you feel at the end of each day (max 3 words) The daily feedback you received from each of these persons (max 20 words)
  • What went well from your perspective (max 20 words)
  • Repeat until August 31st.
  • Decide WHAT you are going to do from September 1st onwards.
  • Decide WHO you want to be in each of those relationships from September 1st onwards. 


That's all. And yes, I am very curious of the outcome, so if you feel like sharing with me, you can click Reply to this email, and let me know how this little practice worked on you.

One note of caution:


THERE IS NO CAUTION! 🙌 You cannot fail in any way on it!


If you found this email useful, please send it to anyone of yoir friends, colleagues or relatives you know would benefit of reading it.


Wherever you are, I wish you a great experiment and a great continuation of your summer!

See you in September!



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💥🎉 That’s pretty much all for today 💥🎉




  • This is an exercise with life changing potential 
  • Challenge yourself in improving in just 27 days your relationship with 3 people
  • Do it every 2 day
  • Repeat for 27 days
  • Decide on your way ahead from September 1st onwards
  • Learn



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Thanks for choosing to be part of my world. See you again in September!




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