Accelerate your career transition into management, in 6 weeks!


Provides you with a step-by-step exploration of the necessary mindset shifts the new manager needs to embrace for reaching efficiency, balance and fulfilment. 


This Program Is For You If:

  • You are transiting into a first or middle management job right from a technical job

  • You are in your first management role and know you can do better 

  • You are interested to follow in the next couple of years a management position

  • You are an established manager and would like to perfect your coaching skills

  • You are an expert in your field and play with the idea of moving into management

  • You were offered a management position, but you have doubts

  • You want or need to understand better whether a management career is for you

Here is what you will learn:


  • How to use your mindset as the primary resource for obtaining balance, efficiency and satisfaction

  • How to read your organization and demystify some common management-related beliefs

  • How to recognize the demands and constraints new managers operate within

  • How to identify the most frequent challenges and errors new managers often face

  • How to build a new relationship with compromise, contribution, conflict, priority, help, success, etc

  • How to identify and access your base of power and authority

  • How to strengthen your credibility, upgrade your relationships, harness the energy of your emotions for success


  • duration: 6 weeks

  • a total of 15 hours of recorded material

  • 6¬†(six) training modules, weekly, self-paced, easy to follow, drip access, one new module every week, accessible via an e-learning platform

  • 6 (six) 1-hour sessions, biweekly, via ZOOM (optional,¬†highly recommended), Thursdays at 18:30 CET

  • 6 (six) guided self-reflection activities (optional, highly recommended),¬† in autonomy

  • 1 (one) 1:1 coaching session¬†to¬†clarify your strategy to¬†maintain¬†consistency and reach peak performance

  • 6 months of "ask the trainer"¬†through the e-learning platform,¬†with a response on the same day

  • 6 months of biweekly encouragement emails to deepen understanding and awareness

  • ¬†6 months of access to the training modules

  • Q&A sessions recorded and accessible on the e-learning platform¬†for 6 weeks

About the course

Becoming a performant manager takes time. In just 6 modules of 1 hour each you will have a new and more solid foundation of understanding where to focus your energy and effort in building your new professional identity: the manager. You will study from the comfort of your home, and meet biweekly, Thursday at 18:30 CEST, with all participants, online, via ZOOM, for a 1 hour Q&A session.

Module 1 - New manager's reality

This module helps you understand the knowledge gap you have to immediately fill in about what it means to act as a manager. You will discover that, from the vantage point of a manager, things look different than that of a sole contributor. Both are legitimate, and you will have to acknowledge that.

Module 2 - Managing time effectively

Time is one of those resources that are irreplaceable. Time will flow whether you "manage" it or not. You can manage only the effects or the impact of time flowing, and your productivity (and that of your team) will depend a lot on your emotional state and the energy you have. This module will allow you to rethink your relationship with time, personal productivity, energy and your success.

Module 3 - Credibility & Trustworthiness

How can a new manager build fast credibility? What clues are people looking for to read credibility and trustworthiness? Is expertise enough to be credible as a manager? Does good critical thinking skills qualify automatically a manager for being credible? How can a manager speed up the building of trust? How can a new manager be the one showing trust first?

Module 4 - Relationships

New managers need to learn to untangle the relationships they have with the people around them. And to act correctly according to the major role they play at the moment of interaction, in that relationship. Upgrading relationships will mean setting new boundaries according to the DOs and DON'Ts of your new role. Managing up is also something that you will be better off upgrading and we will touch your part in your relationship with your boss.

Module 5 - Conflict

We uncover the assumptions and misconceptions new managers have in general about conflict. We are going to explore the difference between productive and constructive conflict. And in this exploration, we touch on how managers try to ensure their emotional safety and on the active role they have (without being aware) in maintaining the zone of war.

Module 6 - Managing self (relationship)

One of the most important relationships a manager has is that with themselves. Managers take decisions based on the emotions they have while experiencing various circumstances associated with their act of management. Managing their response to the challenges coming onto them is their utmost responsibility in the act of management. The more a manager becomes proficient in it, the higher his/her chances to go further up the leadership ladder.





  1. Time Management: Master techniques to optimize time and productivity
  2. Self-Management: Foster self-awareness and personal growth strategies
  3. Conflict Resolution: Develop skills to manage and resolve conflicts effectively
  4. Decision-making: Acquire methods for informed and effective decision-making
  5. Credibility and Trust Building: Establish trust and credibility with team members
  6. Effective Communication: Enhance communication skills for clear and impactful messaging
  7. Relationship Management: Cultivate positive relationships and collaboration with colleagues
  8. Organizational Awareness: Understand the organizational context for effective decision-making
  9. Problem-solving Abilities: Develop analytical thinking for addressing challenges and finding solutions
  10. Performance Mindset: Cultivate a growth mindset for high performance and continuous improvement.



When making your first transition from a specialist role to a management role, you will be exposed to new situations and dynamics. In this new context, you will have to leave behind your status as a peer and become the leader of the group of your former peers. 

This is one important step for you as a new manager, with a huge impact on your professional identity, and your relationships with peers and other managers; A step that will make you face the need to review and find new meaning in concepts such as authority, accountability, compromise, success, collaboration, conflict, priority, "best solution", mistake, learning, and trust. This is a fair complex process, involving tons of negotiations with yourself over your new professional identity. 

When not understanding well the bigger picture of the organisation, when working on assumptions or judgements rather than on observations, new managers may become worried and anxious, and fall under the pressure of their thinking. This situation leads them to lack confidence, live in a state of indecision or competition, be unable to obtain clarity, and often nurture unrealistic expectations about self, hard to reach. Hence, people around - whether at home or their job - will start soon to suffer, and managers will notice their relationship deteriorating. This will soon turn into difficulties in delegation, planning and prioritisation,  in saying no, in being firm, transparent or assertive. 

This 6-week training program covers in detail and with a lot of practical examples the mindset shifts you will need to go through to be successful in your new management role. It contains also practical advice on how you need now to read and understand your organisation to ease your shift. 

By the end of this program, you will notice shifts in your perspective and awareness over six key areas of your management:

  • (1) credibility,

  • (2) focus and control,

  • (3) complexity,

  • (4) pressure and stress,

  • (5) confidence and courage, and

  • (6) management of your own emotions.

Furthermore, you will notice changes of perspective in the way you take decisions, employ resources, and use your relationships and your energy. You will gain new knowledge allowing you to enlarge the mental map of your organisation's operations, and you will become aware of what needs to be accepted and integrated into your new way of operating for being a successful manager.

What other participants are saying about the program?

M.P., Learning &Development Manager

This is a perfect course to prepare your mindset for a managerial role. It will help you make sure that you don't do common mistakes. You will learn how to upgrade your mindset, how to approach networking with your peer managers, how to collaborate with and influence your manager, how to communicate with your team, and how to build trust.

A.S., Project Manager

I absolutely loved this training program. I see how can I make use of all I have learned to reach my next level. I firmly believe this course has shortened the time I would have needed to reach that next level by several years and will spare me lots of painful moments because now I understand myself and others more. Thank you for this opportunity, Alina!

B.Z., Engineering Team Lead

This program is a great opportunity to identify where you are and where you would like to be. Also, it will help you realize that you are not alone and that it could be easier to share your thoughts and ask for support. It can help you set up or reorganize your boundaries, and your expectations, and it gives you hints on how to embrace your emotions. In a few words, it will help you integrate differently your strengths and your perceived weaknesses, and work with them for moving ahead successfully.

M.C., Accounting Manager

I liked this course and I would name it "A Guide to New Manager's Mindset".  Alina speaks from her vast experience and from the heart. It shows you situations you might go through as a new manager, and you find out that you are not the only one feeling awkward as an impostor ... there have been others before you and there will be others after you. As a manager, there is no shame to ask questions, clarify or learn new things or admit that you were wrong or ask for help when needed. By participating in this course, you realize that being a manager for the first time is an experience that will grow you also personally, not only professionally.

T.M., Digital Project Coordinator

Alina's training is fantastic for first-time managers, for aspirant managers and, in fact, for any professional level. Following the course myself, each module surprised me with its deep and valuable content, with many unexpected perspectives on common situations. It's definitely beyond any standard management course. It really gives away keys to better understanding yourself, internal and external influencing forces, interactions, decisional paths, and relationships, and teaches the overall picture somebody must have for integrating better their own role, building up inner self, their wellbeing and thriving at their career.

S.S., Engineering Manager

I enjoyed it a lot. I realized that doubts and fears are normal when becoming a manager for the first time and that there is a way to deal with them. I realized I can be more realistic with my expectations. Understanding others means only wearing temporary the other's hat and not carrying it all along. I now definitely could be less burdened in my job and do it better. Follow this program, you will offer yourself a huge gift! You will find that lots of your questions have answers and solutions. It is a valuable investment in yourself!


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