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Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.


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With over 25 years experience in executive management and people development, my journey in management led me to be a successful director in a strategic executive leadership role at the operational helm of a 300+ engineering design company executing complex projects for international clients.
During this period I lead the company through four organizational maturing stages, each of them requiring from me operating from a different mindset, applying a different way of building awareness and gathering organizational energies around the business goals, and manifesting a different model of leadership, effectiveness, confidence and success.
Every such stage was another leap forward in transforming my mindset. And I realized that - partening with the best coaches - I can accelerate the shift of my perspective allowing me to scale-up my effectiveness and performance, and to power-up my impact.
Knowing the importance of having an executive mindset for leadership, I am now on my own quest to share this learning with other high achieving professionals determined to reach their executive mindset and to build a long term success through the heat of their strategic senior management position or technical position, while also maintaining a human heart and growing a fulfilling life.
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The Executive Mindset 

1-on-1 coaching program

Immerse yourself in a 12-month life-changing personalized coaching journey, in which you will learn to set and reach your goals, manage your self sabotaging thoughts, significantly increase your productivity, scale up impact, and increase your happiness. 

The Manager Mindset

1-on-1 coaching program

Dive deep into a 6-month accelerated mindset  development program, in which you will learn to understand deep how your organization operates, and upgrade both your relationships and your approach to the job for consistent and lasting success . 

Master Your Emotional Resilience

Group coaching - Positive Intelligence©

Join a group of highly skilled professionals, eager to improve their life, increase their resilience in front of daily challenges, cultivate the ability to remain calm, and maintain a clear mind to act with focus openness and courage. 



Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.

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