The Manager Mindset 

 Elevate your perspective, scale your impact, enjoy your life.


Rise to the challenge to transform yourself and the way you see and play your management role, so that you can transform and elevate people and systems around you, and enjoy your potential and life at full.



Working With an Evolving Context


When managers of a work place are unhappy, that unhappiness is exhibited in their own management and people around will suffer. As the result, managers will feel their relationship with people around deteriorating and this will make them suffer even more, and, in a ripple effect, will throw the manager in an ever depper unhappiness. 

First and middle management positions are key in driving company's operational success. Leading successfully the implementation of strategic decisions is as important for any company as striking the best strategic decision. In the absence of a competent and united echalon of first and / or middle managers, the company cannot act as a whole, and much potential is lost.

VUCA world is everywhere around. Economic, social and organisational environments are changing faster and more unpredictable shifts or turns challenge even more often or with increased impact the role of leadership. First and middle managers are in this context those that need assess continuously about the relevance of the systems and processes they put in place for the company to be able to accomplish its goals and about the ever changing competence match between the inside people and the company mission.

We believe that successful first and middle managers will be those able to translate and communicate fast the company's strategy for the other employees and to make the bottom and the top of the organization work together. For this to happen, it takes the need to read well and understand the organizational context, be it inside or outside the organization. To be able to read without bias, fisrt and middle managers need new perspective over terms they are familiar with since they were individual controbutors, such as: compromise, contribution, conflict, priority, help, success, “best solution”, mistake, collaboration, etc. Furthermore, they need to clean their own beliefs of certain management myths circulating and the ranks. Last but not least, they need to upgrade their own perception about accountability, responsibility, credibility, honesty and emotion in the working place.

This is a highly customized coaching program, adapted to your busy professional life, following your goals, that can cover up to 15 (fifteen) 1-on-1 sessions, along 12 months. It is designed to create fast self awareness, to draw new meaning and significance from you, and support you in making courageous choices and start testing them. ltimately, to enhance your leadership performance in organization, in your communities, as well as in your life. 

You will notice improvements and shifts in your capabilities in six key areas of your management: (1) credibility, (2) focus and control, (3) navigating  complexity, (4) management of pressure, (5) confidence and courage, and (6) productive work with emotions. Furthermore, you will notice significant changes of perspective in the way you take decisions, employ resources and use your energy. By the end of the program you will have rebuilt the essence of your professional identifty, and will made some outstanding decisions about who you choose to be.

What Is That You Obtain?

Your Outcomes:


  • credibility - increased ability to work with various ranks of decision makers

  •  focus - significantly improved, shifted to what really matters and creates value

  • sense of control - improved and renewed, providing a sense of empowerment in relation with tim, commitments, relationships and performance

  • decision making - clarity and ease in reaching decisions in spite of existing unknown or risk

  • relationships - upgraded and improved, ability to engage them with confidence across organization for creating cohesiveness and commitments

  • wellbeing - released stress, increased self-awareness, regained positiv outlook in life, new sense of balance between personal self and professional self

Scope of Service & Duration:

How is This Program Designed?

Business Focus

Coach Alina Florea brings in every session her significant 13 year senior-level business experience covering: general strategic management in company's operations, project management, quality management system, capability development and change management, human resource development and administration, contract management, budget management, stakeholder management including shareholders and boards, clients, authorities and various bodies, and peer executives and managers, etc.

This makes the coach understand a large range of the challenges you encountered in your role. Therefore, during the normal coaching sessions, the coach will observe your way of thinking and action and will encourage you to ellaborate around your organisation’s strategic context or other context that you feel needs attention.

Anchoring coaching in the workplace, using real work examples and samples of critical incidents from her past experience, making observaions on how you think and act, as well as the way you experience and associate meaning to your situation, the coach will act as a mirror or as a sounding board, giving you the possibility to see yourself and to draw conslusions about what is useful to you in the discussed situation. In this way, the coach ensures you build a new and more useful way of thinking, feeling and acting supporting you in reaching your goals, and that the new behaviours and habits you choose to test are relevant and their impact quickly visible in your professional and personal life.

Challenging & Supportive

Coach Alina Florea combines challenge and support with humour and ease, in a friendly, non-invasive, respectful way. An important part of her coaching is challenging your assumptions and habitual ways of thinking. She does that with confidence, presence and humour, and meet you on your own terms. At the same time, coach will model for you what it means to act with a high degree of personal empathy and sensitivity. This combination allows a subtle balance of tough challenge blended with deep support as needed, which will leave you energized and motivated.


Measurable Results

Coach Alina Florea's main purpose is to make a difference through her service to your business or to your professional and personal life. Therefore, she will maintain her focus and with that will encourage and empower you to remain focused on, as well as to remain accountable on your outcoames from coaching.

The coaching work begins with defining an agreeing a set of goals and success measures so you can see and monitor progress against these throughout the evolution of your coaching program. As part of the contract, you will receive the Coaching Journal - a tool designed for you to keep track during each session of your own observations about yourself in terms of current thoughts i.e. assumptions, beliefs and values on which you take daily decisions, and act and review how these support you in your journey to reach your professional and personal goals.

Person Centered

Coach Alina Florea will create a coaching strategy and tactics personalized to your specific needs and your way of showing up towards your challenges. You will be given a variety of tools and will be introduced to techniques as deemed necessary as most efficient by the coach. You are more than welcome to ask clarifications about the relevance of such techniques. Given the nature of customization, your coaching journey is unique to you, your goals and the duration you set in mind for your own transformation project.



Content Rich

Having in mind your need to increase self-awareness and learn fast about yourself, coach Alina Florea’s style is questioning and facilitative. To add further value to this approach, she can and may offer on request management tools and models, reading management references and feedback that she feels would be helpful. Coach will always check for your permission to bring in more knowledge, whenever she perceives you will benefit of it.






This Program Is For You If:

  • You are transiting into a first or middle management job and need in 6 months to demonstrate performance
  • You find yourself there are too many priorities and important things to be done on your list and no time
  • You know that you are not performing at your best but seem to not be able to recover performance 
  • You notice a permanent feeling that you and your team are behind irrespective of what you try
  • You live under a constant feeling of limitations or under the perception of not having enough resources
  • You hardly can disconnect from work and seem to need to remain in control on every detail
  • You feel that people in your team do not contribute enough  
  • You seem to start the day with an agenda in your mind but other people and their agenda get infiltrated in it
  • You notice you lost your prior joy and enthousiasm for your work or collaboration with known partners
  • You notice your decision-making process is not anymore reliable or becomes difficult and cumbersome
  • You notice it is hard to make your team members listen to you
  • You notice you lost your patience in listening your colleafues, managers included
  • You notice your manager does not provide you a higher picture when asking your support
  • You seem to not have enough credibility to be invited in relevant discussions or decisions
  • You seem to have hard times requiring your team members to be accountable
  • You seem to avoid at all costs conflicts for not being afraid to upset people
  • You seem to avoid giving negative feedback for being afraid to upset people
  • Your team seem not being able to reach its objectives and/or hard to be coordinated
  • You have thoughts of giving up the job but do not know what should be NEXT for you

Testimonials of Participants With Roles in Middle and First Line Management

 T.N., Engineering Manager, Romania

My individual coaching program with Alina lasted one year during which I had 26 individual coaching sessions. My major goal for my coaching program was to understand what my current performance was based on and what I can do to increase it. It was a road that required a change in the way I thought and I positioned myself. Together with Alina, I managed to correct or develop essential areas in carrying out my activity, such as: a different perspective on conflicts, when and how to say NO, how to make hard decisions and limit a potentially negative impact over my wellbeing, review and grow my relationships with former colleagues currently subordinates.

To summarize, the coaching program with Alina was essential for my maturing process as a person and for my professional development in a management position. I think that coaching support is essential and beneficial for anyone who makes the transition into management - sometimes we don't know that we need something until we get that thing - then we wonder why we didn't access this possibility earlier. And Alina helped me see it very clearly and understand it.

I.D., Engineering Manager, Romania

My work with Alina started in troublesome times: not only my organization was going through significant vision changes, but then was the Covid hit. The coaching program initially setup was meant to provide me with the support and the tools to grow during this transitional phase in the organization. Then Covid came and really “spiced things up”, to put it mildly. Thinking back there could not have been a better time to be enrolled into a coaching program.

I have worked with  Alina for a year and it has proven to be invaluable in my professional and personal development by helping me to reflect on my leadership style and to identify areas for improvement, all the while taking into consideration the specifics of the organization. Through active listening, always guiding and focusing my efforts in a meaningful direction, bringing clarity to otherwise unexplored areas, Alina has made me trust the process and to really commit to it.

H.B.M, PhD, Education Manager, High Education, US

Completing this program had been a one-of-a-kind experience to me. I got blown away every single day by the insightful information that I got access to, and by its transformational power. That literally changed how I looked at everything in my life, and how I will look at things from now on. This program was such a beautiful gift on my road for a more fulfilled and peaceful life. Working in a pod of people, deeply invested in understanding how they function and how to get unstuck, was a fantastic support. Alina is a wonderful coach and her investment in the pod meetings allowed us to deepen our practice and understanding. She was a fantastic guide in that experience, always sharing insightful comments and kind encouragements.

Frequently Asked Questions