The Executive Mindset 

 Elevate your perspective, scale your impact, enjoy your life.


Rise to the challenge to transform yourself, your business or organization, and your personal life by achieving meaningful mindset growth and shifting the way you think, act and connect.



Leading Through Evolving Context


VUCA world si pervading more everywhere in our lives. Economic, social and organisational environments are changing faster and more unpredictable shifts or turns challenge even more often or with increased impact the role of leadership. Leadership is about thriving in a continuous change, under higher market and society pressure level. Start-up entrepreneurs, board members, C-level and senior managers are the most exposed to feel this heat wave.

We believe that successful leaders will only be those able to achieve results through fostering agile, flexible and innovative organisational capabilities, through transforming corporate culture by an empowering leadership for inspired action.

This is a highly customized coaching program, adapted to your busy professional life, following your goals, that can cover up to 15 (fifteen) 1-on-1 sessions, along 12 months. It is designed to create fast self awareness, to draw new meaning and significance from you, and support you in making courageous choices and start testing them. ltimately, to enhance your leadership performance in organization, in your communities, as well as in your life. 

You will notice improvements and shifts in your capabilities in four key dimensions of leading: (1) leading yourself, (2) leading others, (3) leading the organisation, and (4) leading in your own environment. Furthermore, you will notice significant changes of perspective in the way you will look at and integrate things such as: vulnerability, courage, power, conflict, winning, meaning, competition, emotions, support, help. By the end of the program you will have rebuilt the essence of your professional identifty, and will made some outstanding decisions about who you choose to be.

What Is That You Obtain?

Your Outcomes:

  • influence - scaled up organizational and personal impact

  • trust - enhanced ability to build inter-personal rapport and communities

  • decision making - clarity and ease in reaching decisions in spite of risk

  • levelled up approach - from tactical to strategical, in all aspects of your life

  • assertiveness and authenticity - openness and transparency without vulnerability

  • performance - released blockages to leadership outcomes or to personal agility

  • focus - shifted from leading to stewardship, from vertical to across, from 

  • wellbeing - released stress, increased self-awareness, regained positiv outlook in life

Scope of Service & Duration:

  • up to 12 months

  • 15 (fifteen) 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  •  frequency: 1 session every 2 or 3 weeks

  •  OPTIONAL -  can include also Master Mental Resilience Package

How is This Program Designed?

Business Focus

Coach Alina Florea brings in every session her significant 13 year senior-level business experience covering: general strategic management in company's operations, project management, quality management system, capability development and change management, human resource development and administration, contract management, budget management, stakeholder management including shareholders and boards, clients, authorities and various bodies, and peer executives and managers, etc.

This makes the coach understand a large range of your possible initial pain points you may have encountered in your senior executive role. Therefore, during the normal coaching sessions, the coach will observe your way of thinking and action and will encourage you to ellaborate around your organisation’s strategic context or other context that you feel needs attention.

Anchoring coaching in the workplace, using real work examples and samples of critical incidents from her past experience, making observaions on how you think and act, as well as the way you experience and associate meaning to your situation, the coach will act as a mirror or as a sounding board, giving you the possibility to see yourself and to draw conslusions about what is useful to you in the discussed situation. In this way, the coach ensures you build a new and more useful way of thinking, feeling and acting supporting you in reaching your goals, and that the new behaviours and habits you choose to test are relevant and their impact quickly visible in your professional and personal life.

Challenging & Supportive

Coach Alina Florea combines challenge and support with humour and ease, in a friendly, non-invasive, respectful way. An important part of her coaching is challenging your assumptions and habitual ways of thinking. She does that with confidence, presence and humour, and meet you on your own terms. At the same time, coach will model for you what it means to act with a high degree of personal empathy and sensitivity. This combination allows a subtle balance of tough challenge blended with deep support as needed, which will leave you energized and motivated.


Measurable Results

Coach Alina Florea's main purpose is to make a difference through her service to your business or to your professional and personal life. Therefore, she will maintain her focus and with that will encourage and empower you to remain focused on, as well as to remain accountable on your outcoames from coaching.

The coaching work begins with defining an agreeing a set of goals and success measures so you can see and monitor progress against these throughout the evolution of your coaching program. As part of the contract, you will receive the Coaching Journal - a tool designed for you to keep track during each session of your own observations about yourself in terms of current thoughts i.e. assumptions, beliefs and values on which you take daily decisions, and act and review how these support you in your journey to reach your professional and personal goals.

Person Centered

Coach Alina Florea will create a coaching strategy and tactics personalized to your specific needs and your way of showing up towards your challenges. You will be given a variety of tools and will be introduced to techniques as deemed necessary as most efficient by the coach. You are more than welcome to ask clarifications about the relevance of such techniques. Given the nature of custumization, your coaching journey is unique to you, your goals and the duration you set in mind for your own transformation project.



Content Rich

Having in mind the aim for her Client to increase their self-awareness and to learn for themselves, coach Alina Florea’s style is questioning and facilitative. To add further value to this approach, she can and may offer on request tools, models, reading references and feedback in the fields of leadership, management and change that we feel would be helpful. Coach will always check for Client's permission to bring in more knowledge, whenever she perceives her Client will benefit of it.






This Program Is For You If:

  • You know that you are not performing at your best and this already has repercussions over your leadership results 
  • You notice a permanent feeling of loneliness at top and seems to be difficult to trust information coming to you
  • You live under a constant feeling of pressure and stress and believe this is normality
  • You hardly can disconnect from either scenarios you built for the future or results you and your team obtained
  • You feel that control is difficult to be obtained or enforced
  • You seem to loose your focus over many, low significance things
  • You notice you lost your prior joy and enthousiasm for your work or collaboration with known partners
  • You notice your decision-making process is not anymore reliable or becomes difficult and cumbersome
  • You notice relationships that some time ago were smooth changed, and got abrasive and conflictual
  • You notice your empathy towards your colleagues or yourself diminished and find yourself often judging or criticising
  • You notice difficulties in acting as a role model and sustaining the energy required for it
  • Your organization notices your decreased performace
  • Your peer executives seem to start conflicts with you or to provoke you
  • Your team seem not being able to reach its objectives and hard to be coordinated
  • You have thoughts of giving up the job but do not know what should be NEXT for you

Testimonials From C-level Participants

 E.C., HR Director, Engineering, Romania

I believe that at the end of this intensive program the most important gift for me is that I learnt to pay more attention to the negative emotions and to realise that whatever thought is generating those emotions, it is the “work” of my Saboteurs. And as such, in these situations it is useful for me to do some PQ Reps and to intently search for and shift to a Sage perspective. I was also fascinated about the power of the questions Alina was asking us. They put us in a position to go into the depths of thoughts, emotions and to find answers. I hope I will always remember, for myself: “what would be in for me?” or “what is the gift” … Alina, your recommendation to participate in the program came exactly when I needed more. I hope more people will embrace your recommendation, you do have an eye for people and genuinly support anyone decided to become a better self.

L.G., Managing Director, Engineering, UK

Having previously been involved in mindfulness and meditation, I didn’t think I could experience something hugely different. It took me a couple of weeks to understand that I was wrong and that this was going to be more than just another program. Half way through it, I understood it is an invitation for a lifestyle where you are actually accountable for your own feelings and where happiness is indeed a choice. I found the program well structured and measurable, with clear goals and nuggets of information to fit perfectly into my busy life. I easily spot now when my Saboteurs are taking control and when I need to activate my Sage. I am ever grateful to Alina who introduced me to this program and acted as the organiser, the facilitator and the coach. Her knowledge and clarity on the subject has been exquisite, and her abilities as a coach really shined through during the weekly group coaching sessions. I have always felt safe to be open and vulnerable.

A.P., Operations Director, Engineering, Romania

Although initially doubtful, by the end of the program I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in the way I approach now challenging situations. The program requires dedication and discipline, but one cannot really change without one's participation. I am very satisfied with the understanding I have now, and I will continue to work and put this new positive energy into practice in my day to day business and life. This program helped me with improving my level of energy. I got back my positive attitude towards, well … basically everything. The most important aspect is that it provided me with many tools to navigate better all areas of life. Alina was extremely helpful in keeping us accountable, in providing her objective observations. One particular area where I believe lays Alina’s most significant contribution is her mature and empathic approach to the emotions we experienced throughout the program.

Frequently Asked Questions