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Welcome! I am Alina Florea, your strategic partner!

I specialize in coaching early entrepreneurs, senior and middle managers of complex and dynamic businesses, and executives who are transitioning into a new leadership role and feel challenged by the demands of and the decision making involved in running million(s) euro projects or businesses.

What do these have in common? They know they have untapped potential in their performance that they just can’t seem to harness. If that’s you, you are definitely in the right place! Nice to meet you here!

In a nutshell, I help my clients explore and shift their mindset to level up their leadership, to thrive professionally, to get promoted or to make successful transitions.

Let's connect through LinkedIn: we never know how and when our paths cross and we can add value to each other's networks. 

Step into that leader you were meant to be!


I am honored to be your executive coaching partner!


Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.

I work 1-on-1 with high achieving entrepreneurs, senior executives and high potential emerging leaders in EU based organisations with a revenue of up to 5 Mil , to accelerate and enhance their leadership growth and be their best at work, life and in their world. My work with my clients is highly customized and takes into consideration their specific needs and desires within the context of their organization, sector or industry, as well as their current experience and knowledge. 

Aligned with leadership effectiveness and various performance management models, I integrate positive psychology and positive intelligence principles into my coaching practice to help leaders identify the nature of their self-talk, neutralize their narratives, address old assumptions and beliefs, see the reactions and impact these produce, and decide strategies of their own evolution.

I am known to build trust quickly. I model for my clients empathy, compassion, understanding, patience. Still, I am challenging them on each step. Our coaching space is dedicated to experiment vulnerability, courage and trust, to extend ability to lead, to discover useful habits and mindsets and, ultimately, to empower applying them and thrive.

I draw on significant C-level leadership experience. With a 15 year strong background in C-level  management of operations, projects and leadership development, I've built since 2019 an executive and business coaching practice that is well-regarded by high achieving start-up entrepreneurs, executives and middle managers of small to mid size organizations. My clients are generally EU based and span a diverse cross-section of industries from engineering, marine, oil & gas or biochemistry, to IT, finance, academia and research.

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Resources for every stage of your development journey


I am happy to be your strategic mindset transformational guide and partner, and work one-on-one with you in a highly customized program to your needs. Our programs respond to specific challenges of 4 categories of management: start-up entrepreneurs with mighty missions, C-level, middle managers, and entry managers. 

You are a high achieving management professional in search for unleashing at full the potential you know it lies inside you. This is your entrance door for your next development journey, highly customized to suit best your busy and complex life, meeting you wherever you are in terms of life and professional experience and knowledge. These programs are designed to help you shape or elevate to next level your executive mindset, grow your confidence and allow you be at your best.


Whether you need to grow your knowledge, to access a deeper understanding of what you already know or to clean your perspective and approach in management by shading off some of the myths often present at different levels of management, this is your access door!

I will take the lead, chunk down complex and dry management principles and concepts otherwise difficult to grasp into 10-minute friendly bites which can be listened to with ease and pleasure, at your own pace. I will exemplify with dozins of real life examples.

In addition to the various online self-paced training, you will meet like-minded people through live Q&As and will have the possibility to share experience and gain even more insight and knowledge.  

You are welcome!


I have decided to work with Alina upon noticing that my performance, as a director, was slowed down by a lack of full understanding of a manager’s role, and, even more importantly, by my own set of ingrained beliefs which were holding me back and stopping me from becoming the person I wanted to be.  

Being in a foggy area, I joined Alina’s executive coaching programme, not knowing exactly what I wanted to target, but after a few sessions with Alina, I got the awareness to look inside and understand what beliefs and obsolete ways of thinking are worth surfacing and addressing. During our journey we have approached subjects like ‘authenticity and vulnerability’, ‘relationship building’ and ‘leadership’ and all these have helped me become a better manager, a better friend, and a better husband.

Alina is very skilled in asking the right questions and in identifying the real underlying issues straight away. I always felt safe and at ease to open up to Alina and address any issues either from work or personal agenda and I would definitely trust her to shape the next stage of my personal and professional life.

L.G. | United Kingdom 

Business & Executive Coaching


A.P. | Romania

Business & Executive Coaching

When I started the executive coaching program with Alina, I was transitioning towards a new position: Director of Operations.

I took the decision to enrol due to the feeling of hitting a plateau in my development. It was a moment of self-awareness. I needed a new approach in order to better prepare for the next stage of my life, a change that needed to be made by myself, a change that could not come via external intervention. It was about changing my point of view and my life style, neither of which were producing anymore the expected results. [...]

My coaching collaboration with Alina provided the tools to reevaluate my beliefs, to develop a constructive attitude and culture. It provided awareness in different areas, especially regarding human interactions and helped me identify areas for my personal development, and gave me a new determination for improvement.

Collaborating with Alina is both easy and complex in the same time. Interaction wise, for me it came natural to open with Alina, to trustfully express my beliefs and opinions, without feeling that I will be judged. The complexity comes when you realize how many topics you can tackle with Alina and how much you learn about life and purpose. I always had the feeling that I am working with a true professional who is aware of my needs, who tailored her approach based on my agenda.

I enjoyed Alina's determined attitude and her diplomacy when tackling sensitive topics. 

I accepted Alina's challenge to go through a coaching experience first out of curiosity. I wanted to understand what such an experience means and how it can help me in my personal development and in achieving my goals. Then I realized that in the moment of transition I was going through from a manager position to an entrepreneurial activity, I needed a change of perspective and a different approach to the new role. Alina helped me understand that we perceive reality through lenses adjusted according to our own beliefs, habits or prejudices. And that, persisting in seeing the world through these lenses can be counterproductive. I realized how this way of seeing the world shaped my personality and sometimes sabotaged me while trying to reach my goals.

The coaching experience is anything but a "walk for pleasure". Once awareness is acquired, it follows the hardest part – the action, the work of inner change and transformation, which sometimes turns into the struggle with your own inertia, with your own distrust and your own judges. Alina assisted me with patience and wisdom in this journey, making me understand that it is okay to acknowledge what we perceive at any one moment to be our limits, because this is the first step we need to take to overcome them.

At the end of this coaching experience I can say that I made very important discoveries about myself. Still, the work of discovery and understanding does not stop here. For me, this search continues. Thank you Alina for this experience! I endorse Alina’s work and strongly encourage every manager or small business owner who wants a faster way forward to take this trip too!

B.B. | entrepreneur | Romania

Management Performance Coaching


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The 6-week training program is ideal for all first-time managers determined to discover their success mindset, leadership voice and confidence in the relationships defined by their new role, for all professionals aspiring for a management position within the immediate future or for all seasoned managers in search of a coaching management style.


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