Not All Actions Are Equal


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Do you know your secret power?

After 3 intensive years of growing into mastering coaching, it struck me the obvious: my secret power is to move people into action.

Listening to people's stories and, at times, the stories I tell myself, I realized that not all actions are equal.

And one can rightfully ask: Equal? According to what criteria?

And my answer is: they are not equal by the results they yield in the short-term, and the direction they lead in the long term.

Let me explain with a handful of cases.

There are actions started in doubt. 

In this case, we cannot even talk about real action. Although when someone would ask us what are we doing, we would say we are thinking about a dilemma or we are pondering the facts (while facts are already gathered for 2 months).

When in fact we just juggle thoughts about what was, what is, and what bad might happen, without in reality having raised a finger to DO anything.

There are actions started in disbelief. 

In this case, we might be so convinced of our truth that our real action is to continue to gather all relevant pieces of information or data proving our position. Another action we would be doing, in this case, is to hold on firmly to our position, our hopes, and our expectations, in other words, to not give up our turf. Therefore, our real action - guarding our turf - becomes resistant to what is new, fresh, or different on the table. As a result, our DOING seems or is felt as closing or cutting bridges toward others, with the ultimate result of alienating our own life or professional journey.

There are actions started with envy or jealousy

In this case, we want to do something, but not with ordinary results. We need to prove we are better than somebody else, a competitor, a colleague, sometimes even a client, a spouse, or a parent. Or to prove we are the best in our environment. 

Even the most constructive and open actions of ours will contain a stake: we need to win, to be ahead of, to be the first, to prove someone our worth. 

Our DOING is about competing with others. However, the show will always be run by how the person we want to impress or supersede, acts. There is no winning here. As long as in our minds and hearts we know we are the followers, we will obviously arrive in second place, irrespective of our results or accomplishments. And, one day, we will wake up to realize we are still the second on a journey that is even not ours.

There are actions started in boredom

At times, life slows down for us. Miraculously, people, relationships, expectations, and achievements - fall all in their perfect place, so we can pause and relax. And for a short while, we might even enjoy this pause. Until one day when the silence around starts to sound strange and unknown to us. And many of us will DO whatever it takes to fill in this silence, this void space. 

For example, we will hoard or cram all kinds of activities, just to bring in the safety of being busy, helpful, contributing, and proving our worth. Up to the point of reaching and alienating overwhelming, since we will keep adding new interesting activities on our TO DO list.

The luckiest ones get in a situation where one of these many things from their to-do list, is so interesting or pleasantly challenging that they are struck by curiosity and start with fervor to find solutions, understand, connect dots, people, processes, and build things and situations. 

And, after building for a while, in a moment of enlightened insight, they realize they are on their own road, on their life journey, they are where they were meant to be. That they like the road they "landed" on, and they see how this road connects with who they are meant to be. And because of that, all their actions are at peace, are full of calm, and are filled with a true belief in their own worth. 

This is the point where they are not anymore threatened by the silence, they can stay in peace with themselves and with the others irrespective of the chaos others are going through. 

And every action they are now doing is an action that starts from the certainty of their own worth.


So, what do you say? Are all actions equal for you?

Paying attention to the emotion you feed your actions with, is paramount. Reading incorrectly your emotions, or remaining blind to them, is also a way to set yourself on a completely wrong trajectory.


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  • Not all actions are equal in terms of the results they yield for us in the short-term and the direction they set for us in the long term.
  • Emotions are the secret link between our thoughts and our actions
  • Not reading correctly our emotions, being blind to them, or reading them incorrectly, will highjack us from our best life and professional trajectory
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