A Positive Mindset Makes the Difference

Positive Intelligence® practice (pioneered by Shirzad Chamine) is a healthy and sustainable way to gain self-control over own emotional response in challenging moments. Its main result is felt both at the biological level, and at the behavioural level with fewer and fewer instances when a person feels triggered.

As a fully certified Positive Intelligence(TM) coach formed under the direct mentorship of Shirzad Chamine, it will be my pleasure to support you in growing and mastering your emotional resilience. 

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10 Ways to Power Up Your Performance

 Which are the factors contributing to the perception of hardship, difficulty and negativity in our life?

10 ways of thinking that all may have served us in the past, are today the main culprits for the negative feelings and unhappiness we feel when challenged, preventing us from reaching our full potential. Our daily performance is highly influenced by the way we use our potential. The negative interference is created by the negative perception we maintain over things, people and circumstances.

In the attached pocket guide you will find a description for each of these 10 patterns of negative thinking

By becoming aware of them, you actively work on cancelling their power and bringing more opportunities into your life.

Enjoy your reading! 

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