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Growth Mindset for New Managers

 Welcome to the Growth Mindset for New Managers program! I am thrilled you take decisive action to accelerate your career transition into management. 

You are in the right place! 

Benefits of the program:

  • Increased understanding of your management role and of the organizational complexity.
  • Improved clarity of action and motivation.
  • Improved relationships and credibility.
  • Regained voice and adapted personal style in manifesting your authority and assertiveness.
  • Strengthened self-confidence, and significantly toned down impostor syndrome.
  • Improved delegation and ability to keep accountable self and others.
  • Balanced approach to career and life, to duty and relaxation.

You will learn:

  • How to use your mindset as the primary resource for obtaining balance, efficiency and satisfaction.
  • How to read your organization and demystify some common unrealistic management-related beliefs.
  • How to recognize and accept the demands and constraints new managers operate within.
  • How to identify the most frequent challenges and errors new managers face.
  • How to build a new relationship with compromise, contribution, conflict, priority, help, success, etc.
  • How to identify and access your base of power and authority.
  • How to strengthen your credibility, upgrade your relationships, and harness the energy of your emotions for success.


  • duration: 6 weeks
  • weekly training module - total 6 modules
  • weekly live* Q&A - total 6 sessions
  • weekly reflection exercise - total 6 exercises
  • study at your own pace
  • one 1:1 coaching session to discuss your strategy to level up your performance
  • access for 6 months to the video recordings - modules and Q&A series

Other terms:

  • onboarding details will be sent to you upon registration is complete and the purchase made
  • each cohort can have up to 50 people
  • the 1:1 coaching session will be scheduled within 1 month upon completion of the course, within the available slots
  • the program is delivered in English, except the case when the group is formed only of Romanians cases in which it will be delivered in Romanian.
  • read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS below 



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What People Are Saying:

I liked this course and I would name it "A Guide to New Manager's Mindset". Alina speaks from her vast experience and from the heart. It shows you situations you might go through as a new manager, and you find out that you are not the only one feeling awkward as an impostor ... there have been others before you and there will be others after you. As a manager, there is no shame to ask questions, clarify or learn new things or admit that you were wrong or ask for help when needed. By participating in this course, you realize that being a manager for the first time is an experience that will grow you also personally, not only professionally.

M.C., Accounting Manager

I enjoyed it a lot. I realized that doubts and fears are normal when becoming a manager for the first time and that there is a way to deal with them. I realized I can be more realistic with my expectations. Understanding others means only wearing temporary the other's hat and not carrying it all along. I now definitely could be less burdened in my job and do it better. Follow this program, you will offer yourself a huge gift! You will find that lots of your questions have answers and solutions. It is a valuable investment in yourself!

S.D., Engineering Manager

I absolutely loved this training program. I see how can I make use of all I have learned to reach my next level. I firmly believe this course has shortened the time I would have needed to reach that next level by several years and will spare me lots of painful moments because now I understand myself and others more. Thank you for this opportunity, Alina!

A.S., Project Manager

This is a perfect course to prepare your mindset for a managerial role. It will help you make sure that you don't do common mistakes. You will learn how to upgrade your mindset, how to approach networking with your peer managers, how to collaborate with and influence your manager, how to communicate with your team, and how to build trust.

M.P., Learning &Development Manager